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Welcome to ISTVS

ISTVS, a well-established tertiary education institution located in Sheikh, Somaliland, was adopted by IGAD in July 2012 in line with its strategy to explore the viability of establishing a dedicated institution working for improved resilience in the pastoral areas of the ASALs region. ISTVS was designed with the overall objective to improve livelihoods and nutrition of agro-pastoralists and pastoralists, farmers, fishermen and other vulnerable households and to strengthen their resilience. It aims at building capacity of service providers, improving access to education and promoting economic growth in the IGAD region. Furthermore ISTVS aims to contribute to the preservation of traditional knowledge and to the generation of new knowledge of the regional livestock and agricultural production sectors by extensive research and development programmes ranging from diseases to production ecology, dry lands agriculture and natural resource management as well as socio-economics and marketing in ASALs. The overall goal is to ensure effective linkages and synergies with other development partners in the Horn of Africa with similar goals by filling the crucial weak link, namely the provision of technical and professional personnel and network facilitation across the entire region on issues related to strengthening resilience and upgrading the livestock and agricultural industries’ capacity.



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